MaDCaff at Small World – yep, we’re back

By madcaff|May 7, 2015|Event, MaDCaff, mental health|0 comments

It was great to be back at Small World one year on from the start of MaDCaff. The event was well attended, with a diverse range of performers and performances.
The Tom Gray Band opened the event with some lovely jazz covers, followed by Iain and Dixey, a fantastic and visual music and dance duet.
Rachel then read out a poem she had written on the subject of depression and isolation. It was very powerful. Miranda Betts then sang a couple of numbers on her ukulele, including a song called, Bluebells.
We then heard from the wonderful Maggie Nicols singing Joni Mitchell’s Blue and a duet between Maggie’s voice and Miranda’s dance.
The highlight of this event for me was definitely the sublime and extraordinary 13 minute jam that went on between performers at the end. Jamming with others is a rare treat for me these days and it was wonderful to play with so many talented musicians.


And to finish off, here’s that Tom Gray Gif again
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