The Victoria Hall gig for Voluntary Arts Week

By madcaff|July 17, 2015|MaDCaff|0 comments

Well, back at Victoria Hall in Lampeter for a small but very diverse and interesting lineup, including Many Treasures, a Buddhist choir who sing songs in many languages with relish and gusto, a great way to kick off the gig.

This was followed by some spoken word by Maj Ikle

Next up Dai Sharkey, a regular performer at MaDCaff, surprised us all by bringing his beautiful daughter to sing with him – good move Dai, it sounded great.

Then we were treated to the venerable Dr. Vole with some songs from the early days of disability activism, just what we need right now.

Jo Couzens was on next, nursing a sore throat from the night before (musicians… what are they like?) but we wouldn’t have known…

After a few more poems from Kate Field…


We then heard from Miranda with a brand new song


Followed by Maggie Nichols, who never fails to astound us all with the athleticism of her voice, here mourning her Mother’s recent death, she was just even more astonishing.

Marc Gordon followed with some very amazing instruments and some very virtuoso playing (apologies if I’ve used that term before, but it just fits)

We finished the evening with more spoken word performances, from Ruth, Rodger and Kali.

And I’m going to finish up by saying thank you to all those men and women dressed in black, who we know only by the name “Tech guy”. Thanks, Tech guy.



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