No September MaDCaff

Sorry MaDCaff  fans and supporters but we have made the decision to postpone our next MaDCaff  which was meant to be on the 19th September in Smallworld, Cardigan. We are grateful to Smallworld for not penalising us for the late cancellation as it means a slot that could have been used for another activity probably won’t be.

But sometimes we all have to suck it up. Over the few years now that we’ve been doing MaDCaff, there’s been a few occasions where an event has happened with just one of us behind it and it simply is not the same, there are things that Miranda does way way better than me and vice versa so it doesn’t matter who wasn’t feeling mentally strong enough to be part of a public event, maybe it was both of us. We designed MaDCaff  carefully with thought given to not putting pressure on our artists by billing anyone by name and not having any expectations from any artist on the evening of the event, if they want to play, all good, if they don’t, that’s ok too. So we have to also be able to not manage it sometimes and even though it’s a hard decision, we have to give ourselves that leeway too.

So, we won’t be in Cardigan on the 19th and we are really sorry if anyone feels let down and if you do, get in touch and I’ll see if there are enough people, perhaps we can organise a Facebook Live sharing session. Or something…


Who knew there were so many Sad Emoji?

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