MaDCaff at Victoria Hall, but we weren’t all there

It was touch and go whether we’d manage to MaDCaff at all this time. With my very much missed other half, Miranda, being so unwell that she had to go to hospital less than 48 hrs before the show was due to go on. So I did consider a cancellation but I knew that I only knew some of the people that were going to come, I didn’t know all of them so couldn’t guarantee reaching everyone in time to tell them. Therefore, and because anyway, the show must go on.

Miranda had done a good job of lining up some great acts for us so we got off to a fantastic start with the Many Treasures Chorus. They tackled a wide range of songs as well as some of their own material.

There was lots of love in the room for Miranda.


The Good news is...

We all really missed her but between cafe sales and the Magic pink Jug (standing in for the Magic Hat) we have made enough money to put on the next MadCaff once Miranda is better.

by Rachel

If you are wondering what happened to the video, well… 
We did livestream everything to Facebook but unfortunately Facebook has decided that it’s no longer ok to use horizontal video for its livestreaming service so all our videos have come out sideways.. the audio is mostly ok aside from a few moments where I forgot to turn on the mics, forgot to remove the battery charger and plug the mics in again or had to a mid-song battery change. It’s not easy trying to keep track of that and take stills in low lighting conditions where everyone is hiding behind a microphone and my camera thinks its hilarious to focus perfectly on the microphone leaving the singer’s face only just not quite in focus grrrrrr.
So if anyone would like to take on the livestream or making decent quality video (livestream is very low res) or helping with the stills I’d be really grateful. Just let me know.

The video has  now been  downloaded, rotated and is now being uploaded again , this will take hours, possibly even days but once they are up I will share them to you from our new YouTube Channel which will eventually contain all the video I’ve done so far – 12.7GB so I’m going to have to visit the city to upload it on Fibre broadband.

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