MaDCaff is:

  • An great evening out for anyone with an interest in Music or Dance
  • A pressure-free showcase for Musicians/ Dancers/ Groups affected by Mental Illness
  • A friendly place to meet interesting people and help to end the unnecessary stigmas around mental illness

We are supported by:

  • Originally Funded by Time to Change Wales to put on a series of 6 events.
  • The MaDCaff project is supported by Disability Arts Cymru
  • MaDCaff won an Epic award in 2015, and along with Funding from Voluntary Arts Week in 2015, this has allowed us to do several more events events.
  • Mobile mini MaDCaff events were put on as part of the 2016 and 2017 Mental Health Arts Festivals in Wales.
  • MaDCaff participated in The Great Get together in June 2017
  • In 2019 MaDCaff was successful gaining funding from WCVA’s Volunteering in Wales grant. This will allow us to set up (at least) 7 new groups across Wales. If you are interested in this, check out this page here.

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