MaDCaff is waiting in the wings…

Will we, won’t we?

MaDcaff is waiting, patiently (well, sort of) in the wings, waiting to find out whether we have been funded.

If we have, we’ll shortly be starting to organise regular monthly Café nights in Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire.

Our idea is to organise an evening out in a friendly café venue and invite musicians and dancers who have  been affected by Mental Illness to perform and be appreciated for their talents, plus we’ll invite performers and audiences to bring along items on a particular topic to swap with others, e.g. CDs and DVDs or clothes or artwork and finally we’ll try to make sure there’s some unfilled space where people can just talk to each other.

This idea is driven by the commitment to do some damage to the whole stigma and negative, unhelpful discrimination thing that goes on around Mental Illness by showing that we are not just ordinary people who happen to have an illness that is quite common if little understood, but we are also talented people who have got some amazing skills to contribute to the music world.

If we haven’t been funded, we’ll have to start again in looking for funders.

If you like the idea of the MaDCaff, if you think you might want to be involved if (or WHEN) we get funded, then let us know who you are and what you’ve got to offer.

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