MaDCaff Launch Event is Announced


Yes, here we are at last – a big milestone for MaDCaff as we announce out launching event will be in Aberystwyth University Students’ Union. We are excited to have such a big venue for our launch and hope lots of you will come along and show your support. We needs some more of your talent to put on show so if you’re that musician or dancer that has been affected by Mental Illness, then get in touch. If you don’t want to perform, but do want to take part, then get along to Eventbrite and reserve a free ticket.

Yes, there will be cake

On the door you will be able to buy a refreshment ticket for only £3. You also have the option to buy an extra that we will put aside for anyone that can’t find that £3 and needs some cake.

And there will be swaps

Yes, we will always have a differently themed swap shop at our events and this time it will be C.D.s, so bring along any old C.D.s  that you don’t want anymore and take home something else.

And there will be things to do

Yep, it’s not all just tea and cake, as well as the swap shop table, we  want to get you involved in our mission to remove this horrible and unneccessary stigma that goes on around mental health. So we will be finding creative ways that you can let people know how you feel about this.

Bet you want to know who’s playing?

Well, of course you do. But we’re not going to let on, it’s a big surprise. Maybe the Facebook Event’s Guest List will give you a few clues but there’s a reason why we are never going to announce our performers. We want to give all pure performers as stress-free an experience as we can and putting names on the billboard is a direct pressure to perform, no matter how good or bad they might be feeling on the night. So by not billing anyone individually, we leave it up to whoever feels like performing when they get there.  Having said that, if you want to perform, do get in touch so that we don’t end up with more performers than audience.

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