Yes, we are being noticed, and getting some interesting questions…..

Last week Miranda and Rachel had a chat with Katherine Landergan who is a Graduate Journalism Student at City University, London, although she is actually from the other side of the pond. Katherine is writing about people with mental health conditions who have found unexpected  artistic benefits from seeing the world in a different way. She would very much like to talk to anyone who has experienced this personally. We are trying to persuade her to come down to the next MaDCaff as we think she will meet plenty people to talk to there, but it would help if she knew for sure that somebody would be up for talking to her.  She has written this introduction for us to share:

“I’m pursing a project about people who have channeled their mental illness to do positive things. In the past, I have interviewed a number of people with a variety of mental illnesses and I found most had one thing in common; they found their illness had some unexpected good sides to it. One man I interviewed was a talented musician, and he said having bipolar disorder has immensely helped him make beautiful music. Another woman, who also had bipolar disorder, said her illness helped her design creative sets for her university’s musicals.

“I’m hoping to find someone who has a mental illness, such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, and feels that the disorder has
helped them with their music or art. If someone is on the fence and would like to learn more about my project, I’d be happy to answer any additional questions they might have. My email is:, – if you would like Katherine’s phone number, email us at MaDCaff and we’ll pass it on.

“Here is a story I wrote in the United States:


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