Watch out, MaDCaff may be contagious

So, I’ve been a bit remiss about putting up the blog report of our Lampeter gig. And that’s not for any kind of BAD reason, it’s more like a case of lots of good reasons… So, the report will be up shortly but in the meantime, look at our Media page for the pictures, which more or less tell the story of the event by themselves.


So one of the things that had me a bit busy, with thinking as well as running around, is that MaDCaff seems to be wanting to spread. Nothing is confirmed yet, but we have interest from what would amount to 3 new areas as well as Carmarthenshire which we did always want to target but haven’t found the right venue for so far. It’s really difficult to not say more than that because we do want to share but nothing is confirmed yet, so we really can’t, but it’s all good stuff and if you live outside Ceredigion but somewhere in Wales (or, what the heck, even further afield) and want to bring MaDCaff to your area or just be involved in a group that is going so, get in touch as we may be able to put people together.

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