MaDCaff at Small World – Big Space

MaDCaff held their final event in July, before having a summer break. It was a great event held in the beautiful Small World Theatre, Cardigan.
We were treated to some great songs from Jo Couzens, and Amanda Painting, and played some beautiful guitar by both Tom Gray and Marc Gordon.

Jo Couzens – blowing us all away

Mandy Painting – Blowing in the Wind

Tom Grey, mellow guitar vibes

Marc Gordon – giving the audience a preview of his guitar concerto

Kate Field was there again too giving us her satirical poetry, and of course so were Wifi Banana, Steve Acworth, Lucy Edwards and Miranda Betts.

Kate Field – poetry to be reckoned with

Wifi Banana: one banana, two banana, three banana = a band

Steve Acworth and the his (invisible) giraffe

Lucy Edwards – without the trumpet face

Miranda Betts – with a very good reason to be smiling

It is said that you shouldn’t turn your back on your audience, but sometimes there’s a very good reason to do so – e.g. when you have an important message on the back of your T-shirt

MaDCaff hopes to be back in Lampeter in late September, Aberystwyth in October and Cardigan in November, so watch this space for dates and get involved!

Big thanks to everyone who gave us Feedback at the event. If you’d like to give us more detailed feedback, see our Event Feedback Page and leave us your comments there – anonymously or not, it’s up to you.

For even more pictures see our Media page.

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