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Last minute Jam at a previous event at Small World Theatre

Last minute Jam at a previous event at Small World Theatre

We’re still here, in fact we’re at Small World Theatre, Cardigan on Saturday March 14th

MaDCaff is returning after a winter hiatus with more music and dance from their pool of talented artists, all of whom have been affected by mental illness and, of course, the usual cake and chat breaks. This will be MaDCaff’s third appearance at Small World Theatre and we expect the usual eclectic mix of performances. MaDCaff never bills its performers, preferring to opt for a stress-free attitude and trusting that plenty of musicians will turn up on the day and so far this has worked very well.

MaDCaff was formed last year as a project funded by Time to Change Wales and the project was so successful that we are now starting to look for other ways to keep it going. As well as and our Magic Hat that we pass round at the end of the event, we will be looking for other funders, maybe doing some crowd-sourcing online or just doing things on a smaller, cheaper scale to self-fund which would make it much more easily sustained. We will be asking the attendees at the March event what they think about this as the ethos of MaDCaff is very much about doing the best thing for our performers, attendees and behind the scenes volunteers.

Previous events have showcased an amazing range of talent, we’ve had several choirs and drumming groups, we’ve had a solo singer-songwriter who layers his voice and instruments as he goes along, becoming a 21st century one man band, we’ve even had a (clothes on) pole-dancing demonstration. MaDCaff has also spawned several spin-off bands and collaborations, which was exactly what we wanted it to do.

We want to take MaDCaff beyond Ceredigion and have been in talks with existing arts and Mental Health organisations in other counties to find different ways of ‘franchising’ the concept. Just because we’ve found a way to make it work in Ceredigion doesn’t mean that it would work in exactly the same way in Powys or Pembrokeshire so we’re very open to hearing ideas from artists and musicians outside Ceredigion too.

So, it’s going to be a very special MaDCaff this time, marking the end of our Time to Change Wales funding and the start of whatever will be coming next. So come along, bring a friend, bring a friend of a friend as we welcome anyone who has an interest in music, dance, Mental Health and cake. Mental health problems affect 1 in 4 people in any year; it could be you, someone in your family, a friend or colleague. Time to Change Wales is the first national campaign to end the stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health problems in Wales. For further information contact us on westmadcaff@gmail.com. Or look us on Facebook

By Saturday we hope to have firm dates available for you to book our Mental Health First Aid course, normally costing £120 per head, we aim to be able to offer this at costs-only pricing (around £15-20). Places are limited so if you’re interested in this, get in early.


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