MaDCaff returns

We’re baaaaaaaaaack

MaDCaff has been a bit absent. Not like absent-minded, just rather too far under the duvet to be able to surface long enough to make MaDCaff  happen in the way it is meant to. MaDCaff, it tuns out, is very much a two woman thing and each of us on our own brings essential things but it needs both of us to really flourish. We’re not going to apologise or this because it is very much the reality of living with a mental illness, sometimes things get a bit hard.

However, we have a very good motivation to run a MaDCaff  in Ceredigion as part of the 2016 Walls:Muriau, the Welsh Mental Health Arts Festival which was launched on 3rd October in Cardiff and will be putting on events across Wales or the next two months. You should check out to see what’s going on.

Here’s a few random images from past MaDCaff  events to remind you, or entice you. And now, so that there’s no excuse, I’m going to give you the event details, in BIG.

If you want to perform, it’s easy, just turn up.

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