Victoria Hall, We Like it There

So why keep doing it at Victoria Hall?

Well, there’s a few things about Victoria Hall. It’s our nearest venue, so it cuts down on our own travel time and costs.

It’s a community social enterprise. See the website for more about the Hall. Transition Llanbed is part of the Transition Network.

Victoria Hall has several options for room space and the option of a kitchen or licensed bar. We have generally chosen not to hold events in bars or places where alcohol is served because the vibe we’ve gone after is more café based and the smaller café space is perfect for that. It’s good to have the option to possibly hold a fundraiser using the larger space with the bar if we want to. There’s a stage on that side as well. So, there’s a lot to like about the venue itself and it’s good to support community social enterprises.

If you’re local and want to get involved with Transition Llanbed, this is your link. There is also a very active permaculture group in the area. The Grapevine is a monthly publication that will keep you up to date with what’s going on in the area.


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