Yes, we will be at Victoria Hall

25th February 2017 at Victoria Hall

So, it’s on Saturday 25th February, at our usual time – 4.30pm to 7.00pm. We are expecting at least one choir but if you are part of a choir or a drumming group, or a band, or a singer-songwriter, a duo, a poet, a dancer, a performer, a participant, we want you there. We provide a performance space for people affected by mental illness, that could be you, your partner, a family member, a band member. We won’t ask you to tell the audience al the gory details of that mental illness, but if you want to talk about it, you absolutely are welcome to do so.

I’ve put a few images into this slideshow to remind everyone of all the events we’ve done at Victoria Hall so you can see why we are happy there and hope to make it our home base.

Please N.B. the tiny car park at the rear of the building can only accommodate very few cars so please keep this clear for event organisers who wil be arriving with equipment and blue badge holders. Thank you for being respectful of this.

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Stress Free (well, reduced stress)

As usual, we won’t put you on a poster or tell anyone you are going to perform because that’s part of how we try to remove the stress from our performers, so just because you’ve said in advance that you’d like to perform, if you don’t feel like it on the day, that’s ok, you’re not letting anyone down. In fact, we nearly always have so many people wanting to perform that it’s hard to fit them all in – though Miranda tries very hard to do that. Use our Contact page if you’d like to get in touch.

No tickets, Cake, Magic Hat

As usual, we will not charge you to get in, we don’t sell tickets and we don’t have a door guard. We will be selling drinks and cake, all at a reasonable rate and it’s this that helps us to keep going, along with our Magic Hat which we pass around near the end of the event. If you like what you saw, chuck a few coins in.

Here’s our A5 flyer, you are welcome to download this and share it. You can also use the Dropbox link to get the PDF version


We also have this Bi-lingual A4 poster, or use this Dropbox link to get a PDF version


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