Yes, I’m late again and yes, we were and will be again at the Victoria Hall

So February seems like a very long time ago and I’m rather confused as to a. why it took so long to download the pictures and b. why they are so bad (well… I have a clue about that)

So rather than a gallery of images all edited to look like they are from the same event, I’ve just picked out a few that seem to be vaguely ok and added some filters and played about with them, some more than others.  I hope you like them and that they spark some memories of the event

Here's Miranda, I like the cheeky grin, who wouldn't?


Followed by Martin


Mr Marc Gordon has responded well to a somewhat grungy filter,


And this is Phil, today's only portrait style portrait


Everybody's favourite Shirley


Marc shows us his very long arms


And this microphone, which was the only thing that stayed vaguely in focus the whole evening...


So, friends and fellow MaDCaffers, I have to admit to you that I seem to be having some difficulty and maybe there’s somebody out there that can help.

I want take great pictures of people doing their performances but I also want to capture video, and since I don’t have enough equipment to do both adequately I’m just streaming it live to Facebook, knowing that I can pick the file up later. But.. cruddy bandwidth etc don’t give the best reflection even with better sound equipment.

So, any fellow geeks out there who want to help – get in touch with me

This is the video feed from the start of the event

But then the battery in my sound equipment died and had to be replaced, hence horrible fiddling at the start of this section – but bear with it, it gets better.

Come back tomorrow for news of next Saturday’s Event

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