Announcing MaDCaff in co-operation with The Great Get Together

MaDCaff this Saturday 17th June, Victoria Hall Lampeter from 16.30-19.00.

I know this is a somewhat late announcement but what a week it has been already.

Steve Acworth’s funeral was on Monday. It’s a strange thought that he won’t play another MaDCaff, but I’m glad that we have memories of him in pictures and video. He was a serious talent with a silly streak that meant he could be appreciated by all ages and abilities, that’s not an easy thing to pull off. So, we wanted to dedicate this event to Steve.

I don’t quite know what else to say, so much loss, this is also the week where many people died and many more were displaced from the fire at Grenfell Tower. The only way of processing this that I have is to look at what has been done in a short few hours by the people of London, support has flooded in so fast they’ve had to stop certain things from being donated.

It’s not an easy time, there are so many others I could add to the list of lives recently lost but here’s the important bit. We mustn’t isolate ourselves. With everything that’s gone on already it would be very easy to shut the door and not stop crying till I’m empty of tears but there’s no such thing.

Instead, let’s have a Great Get Together and let’s all be very honest about how we are feeling.

NB – as such there may be some content that is not child friendly.

Then we were contacted by a regular MaDCaffer to ask us if we knew about the Great Get Together that was going on over this weekend. We didn’t but when we found out what it was about we also wanted to make this MaDCaff reflect the wider getting togethers that will be going on over the weekend. Jo Cox was an extraordinary MP, a rare and uncorrupted MP who went to Westminster in order to help her own community rather than further her own needs. It’s almost too hard to think that one person can find this so objectionable that he chose to kill her on a day she was holding surgeries for her constituents. Let us not forget.


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