Catching up with 2018 in 2019

MaDCaff at Victoria Hall, March 2018

Somehow almost a year has passed by since our MadCaff in March 2018. It was a good show with lots of variety and fortunately I do have the pictures as a reminder of what happened as my memory is somewhat burned out.

Marc Gordon, our favourite guitar virtuoso and sound techie

Cameron with a very admirable moustache and another song that hushes the room

Who is this cheeky monkey?

So, apologies that I don’t have a more detailed description of the events of last year, but I know we had a good evening, despite being worried that no-one would turn up – they did of course. The photos are not my best work either, the light was terrible and singers always hide behind their mics and move their faces a lot, can’t think why….

By Rachel

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