The Big MaDCaff Project

Our Facebook and Twitter Fans may know this already but for everyone else, this is big news.

Very Big News

Yes, MaDCaff is finally fulfilling the dream we had for it when we started in 2013. So much has happened in that time.

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So, what is this Big News?

Thanks to funding from the WCVA’s Volunteering in Wales grant we are about to take MaDCaff National. We will be establishing a total of 7 new groups in add-on to the very successful Ceredigion group who have been paving the way for this and demonstrating that MaDCaff can run ion a self-sustaining way with the right mix of volunteers and community assets.

Each of the 7 new groups will be supported by one of Disability Arts Cymru’s Regional Officers. There will be lots of training opportunities for volunteers as well as lots of ways to get involved in running the events. We think there’s something for everyone at MaDCaff and we hope you will all want to join in.


If you are interested in signing up as a volunteer or are interested in the performance opportunities or have a good, accessible venue in mind please get in touch and we will direct you to your nearest DAC Regional Officer. Email or call 02920 551040

The Big Announcement

The project was recently given a livestream announcement of Facebook. To see this head over to either the MaDCaff Facebook page, or the Disability Arts Cymru Facebook Page. (or just scroll on down)

Funded by:


Volunteering in wales


Welsh Government


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