The Big MaDCaff Project has started – now we need YOU

Somebody's Ready

Are you ready?

Yes, very excitingly, we have begun work on the project and now all we need is several dozen volunteers, a load of venues, lots of training, a sackful of cake and a jamboree of Musicians, Dancers and performers of any kind.

Are you interested?

We believe that this project has something for everyone, whether you are a showoff charismatic person who likes to stand up in front of a roomful of people and introduce the acts (Compere or MC) or whether you are more of a behind the scenes person who has an interest in video editing or counting money, we think we can find you the perfect role with MaDCaff.

What’s in it for me?

As a MaDCaff  volunteer we will offer you a wide range of free training opportunities, including the very popular Mental Health First Aid as well as basic courses such as Food Hygiene for café volunteers and Risk Assessment for core organisers. We have kept the options wide by including a budget for people to take up media courses to boost their skills in things like editing, social media marketing etc. Not only that but we will be giving our volunteers a really cool piece of custom clothing, we haven’t decided yet whether that will be hoodies or polo shirts or what but there will be something.

Miranda shows off one of only 2 of these hoodies that we created to go and fetch our Epic Award in 2015

Are you still interested?

Yes? Great, ok, here’s what to do next.

Do you like reading?

Yes – download a document that tells you all about it and what you need to do to sign up.

Want to know more about the different roles available to volunteers?

Yes – download a document that gives full details on all the roles

Don’t like Big PDF Files?

That’s ok, there are other ways. You can go through it section by section on the page linked below or you can even chat with a human being about it. If you’d prefer to do this, please email us and let us know where you are based because depending on this we will allocate you to one of our 4 Regional Officers.

Are you a performer instead or as well?

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